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25 Years of Competence for Your Spine

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In our clinic with its medical care centres you will find a unique diagnostic and treatment centre in Europe for all types of back pain. To offer you a comprehensive diagnosis and a vast range of treatments, our interdisciplinary team of specialists works hand in hand for your health. This will enable you to have the entire diagnostics in a single day, without having to visit several places.
In the past 20 years we have developed a range of treatment options to meet your current needs.
Our recommendations follow the principle: conservative treatment options first. Only if these remain unsuccessful, we might suggest minimally-invasive procedures. The comfort of your spine is in good hands with us – even if surgery is inevitable.

Welcome to our clinic!
Dr. Reinhard Schneiderhan

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We recommend coming to see us at our centre. Simply call our main office on 089-6145100 to arrange an appointment.


Our spine centre grows! Since July 2019 there is an additional orthopaedics and spinal centre in Munich/Taufkirchen.

Video channel

On our YouTube channel, our spinal specialists will tell you everything you need to know about the latest treatment methods.

Multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment at our four medical care centres:

At our four spinal pain medical care centres in Munich/Taufkirchen we consider the patient holistically and from the perspective of multiple disciplines. Practitioners from the following specialist disciplines work together as part of a multidisciplinary team:

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Dr. Schneiderhan & Colleagues

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Only the ones who become specialized can be experts. We have gained experience in the areas of orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgey for more than 20 years and we have an admission regarding treatments after accidents at school or at the workplace, taking care of our patients. When treating spinal problems, we usually do it with the help of minimally invasive methods. Therefore, we have further developed therapies like epidural catheters in order to fit our patients’ individual needs. Being experienced after a lot of minimally invasive operations, we are among the leading institutions in Europe.

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Spine Centre

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Thanks to the interdisciplinary cooperation within our team and also due to the surgeons‘ long term experience, also patients suffering from complicated spinal problems can find advice and support with our experts. As soon as neurosurgical operations become a necessity, they are conducted according to the most recent standards available and with the help of innovative operative techniques. Our surgeons are designated experts with regard to their treatment sections.

Patientin kurz vor der Behandlung im MRT

Centre for
Radiology and Diagnostics

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Creating the best possible preconditions with the help of high tech and interdisciplinary cooperation – this is what our radiologists and neurologists do for our patients at the MVZ Radiologie und Diagnosticum. They conduct all examinations which are required for careful diagnostics, using the most recent devices possible and according to a high degree of expertise in place. Usually, all examinations can be conducted within one day, which is a priceless advantage for our patients.

Dr. Schneiderhan mit einer Kollegen im Gespräch

Orthopaedics and Spinal Centre
Dr. Schneiderhan & Colleagues 

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+49 (0) 89/ 614510-86


Our additional orthopaedics and spinal centre offers a wide range of modern diagnostic methods and therapeutic interventions for treating your joints and your back.


  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Nikolai Rainov, please allow me to thank you for everything. I still can't believe that I have already had the surgery - you made everything easy for me. Thank you! - Agnes B.
  • I would like to thank you very much for the successful surgery. I am so happy and I am doing very well. Thank you very much - what you have done for me is great! I have got back my zest for life, thanks to your surgery on me. - Manuela F.
  • Dear Dr. Sommer, a little feedback: my back is fine - thanks to you! You were instrumental in making me realize the need for surgery. And through your professional skills, you have given my nerve "air to breathe" again. Thank you very much again! - Ulrika W.
  • I owe you a thousand thanks. You have gotten my back pain free again. It is a wonderful feeling of life to be able to participate in everything again. Thanks to you and my daughter who tracked you down, the long trip to see you was worth it! - Irmgard C.
  • For the last 13 years, I could not use a lot of time because of my pain. Since you operated on me, I got back so much quality of life that from now on I can make the best use of my time again. Thank you very much! - Luise S.
  • To you, dear Dr. Sommer, I would like to say that I am extremely grateful that you still operated on me at the age of 84, and that you provided me with the best possible care and attention. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to all the friendly staff for the helpful reception and quick and seamless referral. Thank you for everything! - Dagmar H.
  • Dear Professor Rainov, thank you very much for everything you have done for me this year. Your professional competence and the caring way you treat your patients is commendable! - Marina Z.
  • Dear Dr. Schneiderhan, as in 2013, I am very satisfied with both the detailed preparation and the professional surgery on x.x.20 and very grateful to you! It is wonderful to be able to sit, drive and walk again without pain. However, it looks like this was not the last surgery with you. Thank you again for your efforts and kind regards..... - Hans G.M
  • Dear Dr. Schneiderhan, 1000 thanks for your help. I was pain-free within a very short time and the paralysis has now completely disappeared. I am happy to have gotten away again without surgery - thanks to your know how! Thank you again for getting me an appointment so promptly. I give your team a lot of credit for that. - Juliane P.
  • Dear Dr. Schneiderhan, Dr. Daczo & team, a big thank you for the quickly received help. I have been looking for help for three years now to no avail. What you have accomplished in a time of only three days is like a MIRACLE. This change, this freedom of movement and light-heartedness - without back strain - in only three days. A compliment to the whole team! - Doris H.