Multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment at our locations in Munich/Taufkirchen

We consider the patient holistically and from the perspective of multiple disciplines: At our four spinal pain medical care centres in Munich/Taufkirchen, we cover the specialist disciplines of orthopaedics and trauma surgery, pain therapy, neurosurgery, neurology, diagnostic radiology, general medicine, and physical and rehabilitative medicine. Our practitioners also have additional training in osteopathy and acupuncture. This also allows us to look at complex problems from different perspectives. Our new orthopaedics and spinal centre provides medical specialist care in orthopaedics, trauma surgery, pain therapy and neurosurgery.

Munich/Taufkirchen: All examinations under one roof, and on the same day

All examinations for which otherwise multiple visits are necessary, such as CT and MRI, take place in our three spinal pain medical care centres in Taufkirchen under one roof and usually on the same day. Our highly specialized medical practitioners get to the root of your symptoms with the utmost care and discuss the overall examination results as an interdisciplinary team. Together, we find the best possible treatment for you. We also offer a neutral second opinion to patients who would like a more independent assessment in addition to their recent diagnostics.

Individual, tailor-made treatment concepts

According to our principle: “As much as necessary, as little and as gently as possible”, we always first make full use of all conservative treatments such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy and injection treatments. If, as a result, we do not achieve the desired success, we consider modern, minimally-invasive treatment measures. Should surgery be unavoidable, our spinal specialists perform this as gently as possible.

Experts in spinal pain medicine and orthopaedics for more than 25 years

Having performed over 40,000 minimally-invasive spinal operations, we are one of the most experienced spinal specialists and operators in Europe. We are leading the way in some state-of-the-art treatments which we have developed ourselves. Thanks to our international network of medical practitioners and researchers, we are also always state-of-the-art in terms of research and technology, in order to offer you the most promising and most gentle treatment.


We are here for you!

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jameda review from 12/2018

Wiltrud Rakel, OP spinal canal stenosis, 2018.

"A competent and very confident statement at diagnosis, "golden hands" at surgery WS canal stenosis. Thank you Dr. Hadi for a new pain free life.

Your Wiltrud Rakel"