Interdisciplinary team to combat pain

Clinic Dr. Schneiderhan & Colleagues

Dr. med. Reinhard Schneiderhan

Dr med. Reinhard Schneiderhan

Specialist for orthopaedics, special pain therapy, sports medicine, chirotherapy and physical therapy, consultant for the employer’s liability insurance association

Dr. med. Zainalabdin Anwar Hadi

Dr med. Zainalabdin Anwar Hadi

Specialist for neurosurgery

Dr. med. Jürgen Daczo

Dr med. Jürgen Daczo

Specialist for general surgery, orthopaedics and trauma surgery

Herr Su-Lin Hwang Facharzt für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie

Mr Su-Lin Hwang

Specialist for orthopaedics and trauma surgery

Spine Centre Munich/Taufkirchen

Dr. med. Frank Sommer

Dr med. Frank Sommer

Specialist for neurosurgery

Prof. Dr. med. habil. Dr. h. c. , FRCSEd Nikolai Rainov

Prof. Dr med. habil. Dr h. c., FRCSEd Nikolai Rainov

Specialist for neurosurgery, special pain therapy

Dr. med. (Univ. Zagreb) Dina Winkler

Dr med. (Univ. Zagreb) Dina Winkler

Specialist for neurosurgery

Team Dr. Schneiderhan & Kollegen

Dr. med. Andrea Zaunrith

Specialist for general practice

Centre for Radiology and Diagnostics

Dr. med. Christoph Brunhölzl

Dr med. Christoph Brunhölzl

Specialist for neurology

Dr. med. Eva Wörn

Dr med. Eva Wörn

Specialist for diagnostic radiology

Dr. med. Miriam Scheuchenzuber

Dr med. Miriam Scheuchenzuber

Specialist for diagnostic radiology

Orthopaedics and Spinal Centre Dr. Schneiderhan & Colleagues

Dr. med. (Univ. Zagreb) Dina Winkler

Dr med. (Univ. Zagreb) Dina Winkler

Specialist for neurosurgery

Dr. med. Nadine Allmaras-Crüger

Dr med. Nadine Allmaras-Crüger

Specialist for internal medicine and general practice


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from Taufkirchen on jameda

jameda review from 12/2018

Wiltrud Rakel, OP spinal canal stenosis, 2018.

"A competent and very confident statement at diagnosis, "golden hands" at surgery WS canal stenosis. Thank you Dr. Hadi for a new pain free life.

Your Wiltrud Rakel"