Diagnostics: Interdisciplinary Cooperation at the MVZ in Munich

The first step towards successful therapy is a comprehensive diagnosis. This is because we can treat you quickly, efficiently and successfully only once the causes of your pain have been discovered.

At our MVZ Radiologie und Diagnosticum Munich/Taufkirchen, we attach great importance to entering into a trusting dialogue with you. It is very important for us to learn as much as possible about your problems and your personal situation during a detailed patient interview. This is the only way that we can gain a comprehensive picture of you and your circumstances. We do this because we are convinced that treatments are successful only when each patient is considered holistically. The MVZ Radiologie und Diagnosticum Munich/Taufkirchen is equipped with state-of-the-art devices and supports our multidisciplinary team of doctors in establishing the diagnosis. That way, you avoid further appointments in other clinics.

Our patients are the focus of every diagnosis

When it comes to clinical diagnosis, we treat you holistically. In a detailed discussion, we not only compile documentation and an analysis of the previous treatment measures, but also create a trusting environment for a successful doctor-patient relationship. After recording your personal medical history (anamnesis), a thorough physical examination is performed. All results from the medical history and physical examination are incorporated into a detailed analysis. On that basis, we decide which further examinations are required, establish the diagnosis within our multidisciplinary team, and derive the individual treatment methods.

Each type of pain is treatable – thanks to our pain council

For many years now we have been using an interdisciplinary diagnosis concept that involves several practitioners from various areas of expertise. Thanks to this highly co-ordinated team of doctors, we succeed time and again in alleviating persistent pain. We even optimally treat patients who still have pain after surgery and alleviate their pain. Our multidisciplinary pain council is an important building block in the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

All examinations in one day

Modern imaging techniques, such as digital X-rays, computer-assisted tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are essential for creating accurate diagnoses. CT-controlled pain infiltrations of the cervical and lumbar spine (PRT) or 4D bone mass measurements can also be performed at our practice. Our radiology department rapidly and effectively co-ordinates the examination results. The radiological examinations can be performed during your regular visit to our practice; additional dates and visits are not necessary. For you this means fewer medical appointments and a faster diagnosis – the best requirements for setting promising therapy measures in motion.


We are here for you!

from Taufkirchen on jameda

jameda review from 12/2018

Wiltrud Rakel, OP spinal canal stenosis, 2018.

"A competent and very confident statement at diagnosis, "golden hands" at surgery WS canal stenosis. Thank you Dr. Hadi for a new pain free life.

Your Wiltrud Rakel"