Spinal Column Surgery with Dr. Schneiderhan in Munich

For us, surgical intervention is a last resort treatment option if conservative and minimally-invasive therapies have not led to the desired effect. If an operation is unavoidable, we use the most gentle, state-of-the-art procedures. These include minimally-invasive neurosurgical interventions and microsurgical techniques as well as dynamic stabilisation surgery which maintains the mobility of the spine. Decisive for treatment success is the fact that all patients receive therapy that is tailored to their needs.

Switching off pain – as gently as possible

Our tailored treatment concepts follow the principle: “As much as necessary, as little and as gently as possible.” We plan our treatment in stages, always exhausting all conservative therapy options before advising minimally-invasive therapy. We regard an operation as the last resort. But even if an operation is unavoidable, this takes place using the most state-of-the-art, gentle techniques.

In our interdisciplinary team, we have several specialists for orthopaedics and neurosurgery who have specialised in different surgical therapies and who have a great deal of experience. We have been developing continuously since 1996 in order to offer you optimal pain therapy. With our interdisciplinary approach, we can identify and assess even complex medical correlations in a precise way and make well-founded recommendations for individual treatment. This means that you are in the best hands in all circumstances.


The diagnosis as a basis

Dr. Schneiderhan mit einem Patient

Dr. Schneiderhan with a patient

The basis of an individually tailored treatment concept is comprehensive interdisciplinary pain analysis and diagnosis. On the basis of an exact diagnosis, we can recommend treatment tailored especially for your needs. Following a comprehensive anamnesis discussion of your medical history, clinic examinations and accompanying imaging procedures such as X-ray, CT or MRI.

As the radiology department and all necessary modern examination methods are available in our practice, you do not need to make any further appointments. This means that you save time and receive the best possible treatment concept in the fastest time possible.


There is no such thing as a hopeless case!

Behandlungsbeispiel Patient in CT oder MRT

With our multidisciplinary team, we can even help even the most persistent cases among our pain patients. With a tailored, comprehensive diagnosis and interdisciplinary therapy, we can treat the pain in an optimal way and ensure that it fades away.


Spinal column surger

Spinal column surgery is of central importance when treating complaints where the spine is the route cause. Injuries or degenerative processes such as stenosis (constrictions of the spinal canal) and intervertebral disc damage often lead to nerves being pressurised through tissue or osseous structures. Pain and neurological symptoms are the result. In such cases, spinal column surgery offers a wide spectrum of modern treatment possibilities:


Behandlungsbeispiel: Neurochirurgie HWS-Bereich

Treatment example: Neurosurgery HWS area

In microsurgical interventions, we monitor the operational area on the intervertebral discs or in the spinal canal using an operation microscope and operate through a skin opening that is only one to three centimetres in size. In this way, even spinal disc herniation that is lying hidden in the nerve root canal can be removed under direct visualisation. For some modern microsurgical interventions, a small incision of a few millimetres is sufficient. This significantly reduces the risk of post-operative pain and also the danger of scarring.


Intervertebral disc prosthesis

Medizinische Grafik Hervorgetretene Bandscheibe

Medical graphics: Protruded intervertebral disc

Degenerate or worn intervertebral discs are among the most common pathological changes of the spine. The intervertebral disc prosthesis helps patients achieve better mobility in a segment of the spine affected by degeneration and is a very reliable treatment procedure for those whose symptoms do not improve through minimally-invasive therapies. We have many years’ experience in this field and offer you a treatment concept tailored to your needs by our interdisciplinary specialist team.


Stabilising interventions

Metall- oder Kunststoffimplantat für LWS

Metal or plastic implant for lumbar spine

The term stabilising operations includes all operations on the spine in which implants, screws or spinal fusion (spondylodesis) are deployed. Stabilisation operations on the spine are among the most frequent interventions in spinal column surgery. Recently it has become possible to perform them using minimally-invasive techniques, i.e. with small skin incisions and minimal tissue damage.


Vertebral body replacement

Darstellung von Schmerzen in der Lendenwirbelsäule

Lumbar spine pain

In some cases, the vertebral bodies are so destroyed that vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty is no longer enough to stabilise the spine. This is where the vertebral body replacement procedure can help: In this procedure, the entire vertebral body is removed and replaced by an expandable titanium cage. This vertebral body replacement enables the physiological shape and function of the affected section of the spine to be restored.


Decompression operation

Patient mit Rückenschmerzen, Schonhaltung

Patient with back pain, relieving posture

In spinal canal stenosis (constriction), this spinal fusion surgery with rods and screws used to be one of the most frequent operations. In many cases however there is now a significantly better alternative: The new minimally-invasive IntraSPINE® procedure dynamically stabilises the affected segment whereby not only load-bearing capacity and mobility are retained – but also no further interventions are necessary.


We are here for you!

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Wiltrud Rakel, OP spinal canal stenosis, 2018.

"A competent and very confident statement at diagnosis, "golden hands" at surgery WS canal stenosis. Thank you Dr. Hadi for a new pain free life.

Your Wiltrud Rakel"