Surgical Arthrosis Therapy in Munich

If arthrosis cannot be treated sufficiently with conservative therapies and pain relief and mobility can no longer be guaranteed, then surgical treatment is usually the best option. Here we have various possibilities at our disposal.

Osteoarthritis (arthrosis deformans) is a degenerative, inflammatory joint disease that usually occurs with increasing age. The cartilage surface of a joint wears out as a result of decades of strain but also due to overloading or long-term incorrect loading. Not only hip, knee, ankle and shoulder joints are affected but also the spine. Small joints such as fingers and toes are also liable to suffer from arthrosis.

We use arthroscopic procedures, in particular, on the knees, shoulders, ankles and hips. In our three medical care centres, we also perform procedures that repair the cartilage. If these measures do not lead to success or cannot be deployed, the use of an artificial joint can be considered.

Cartilage interventions and artificial joints

Behandlungsbeispiel Patient in CT oder MRT

Patient with back pain, relieving posture

For arthrosis cartilage reconstruction in cases of minor cartilage damage, techniques which aim to restore the surface of the joint cartilage are increasingly used. For more serious cartilage damage, artificial joint replacement can be considered. Both cases enable a significantly better quality of life to be achieved.


Hip joint arthrosis

Künstliches Hüftgelenk mit Pfanne

Artificial hip joint with socket

In hip joint arthrosis, the cartilage of the femoral head (hip ball) and/or the acetabulum (hip socket) are damaged. Typical signs are limited mobility and pain in the hip and groin area. Alongside pain-relieving medication and physiotherapy, various interventions are also possible, through to surgical replacement by an artificial joint.


Knee arthrosis

Grafische Darstellung von Knieschmerzen

Knee pain

In knee joint arthrosis, also known as gonarthrosis, patients can no longer move their knee without pain, in extreme cases it even becomes arthrodesed. To treat knee arthrosis, various procedures including preventive measures, an arthrosis operation and, in the case of advanced wear, an artificial joint replacement can be considered.


Shoulder arthrosis

Schmerzen in der Schulter

Pain in the shoulder

Pronounced arthrosis of the shoulder, but also a fracture of the humeral head, can significantly limit the mobility of the arm and cause severe pain. In this case, a shoulder arthrosis operation, possibly including modern joint prosthesis, brings rapid relief.


Arthrosis ankle joint

Schmerzen im Sprunggelenk

Pain in the ankle joint area

The aim of arthrosis treatment in the ankle is to retain mobility and prevent the arthrosis from spreading to neighbouring joints. This can be achieved by conservative therapies or surgical intervention. For very severe wear, an artificial ankle or fusion is indicated.





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