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    Pain-free at last! New strategies against back pain

    Dr. Reinhard Schneiderhan explains the best spine therapies Munich, September 2013. Too many surgeries in Germany, financial interests of clinics and steadily... All news

    Online contact

    It is best to visit us in person in our center. To arrange an appointment, please call our head office at 0 89 / 61 45 10 0. If you are unable to get to us, you have the option of requesting a written opinion on your symptoms and previous findings. Please contact us by mail or… read more

    patients from-abroad

    Patients from around the world are being treated at our center in Munich. Here you will find not only an international medical team, which advises in English and in their native language and knows cultural particularities. We help our international patients in all medical matter… read more

    Welcome to Dr. Schneiderhan and his colleagues!

    In our clinic with its medical care centres you will find a unique diagnostic and treatment centre in Europe for all types of back pain. To offer you a comprehensive diagnosis and a vast range of treatments, our interdisciplinary team of specialists works hand in hand for your health. This will enable you to have the entire diagnostics in a single day, without having to visit several places.
    In the past 20 years we have developed a range of treatment options to meet your current needs.
    Our recommendations follow the principle: conservative treatment options first. Only if these remain unsuccessful, we might suggest minimally-invasive procedures. The comfort of your spine is in good hands with us – even if surgery is inevitable.

    Welcome to our clinic!
    Dr. Reinhard Schneiderhan

    Practice world-wide

    Specialist article by Dr. Frank Sommer on Percutaneous Laser Discus Decompression

    "Cervical PDLL. Ten Years Experience (The cervical Percutaneous Laser Discus Decompression (PLDD) – ten years experience)“ – that is the title of the article by Dr. med. Frank Sommer in the publication... All news

    Press Review

    Severe or chronic back pain

    An individual doctor increasingly reaches his limits when treating complicated back pain. When the first therapy does not work, or if the pain moves into the legs or arms and patients who have already undergone... All news

    Second Opinion


    Obtain a second opinion
    You are already being treated medically for back pain and… read more


    Anyone who has experienced the destructive effect of pain knows what it means to be at their mercy. Understanding this particular situation and to tackle its causes with the right tools is the task of our modern pain management. We are convinced that pain always has clear causes… read more

    Interdisciplinary against pain

    Multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment in our medical care centers

    Centre for<br>Radiology and Diagnostics

    Centre for
    Radiology and Diagnostics

    Contact us:
    +49 (0) 89/ 614510-54
    Fax: +49 (0) 89/ 614510-55

    [email protected]

    Creating the best possible preconditions with the help of high tech and interdisciplinary cooperation – this is what our radiologists and neurologists do for our patients at the MVZ Radiologie und Diagnosticum. They conduct all examinations which are required for careful diagnostics, using the most recent devices possible and according to a high degree of expertise in place. Usually, all examinations can be conducted within one day, which is a priceless advantage for our patients.

    Spine Centre<br>Munich/Taufkirchen

    Spine Centre

    Contact us:
    +49 (0) 89/ 614510-86
    Fax: +49 (0) 89/ 614510-49

    [email protected]

    Thanks to the interdisciplinary cooperation within our team and also due to the surgeons‘ long term experience, also patients suffering from complicated spinal problems can find advice and support with our experts. As soon as neurosurgical operations become a necessity, they are conducted according to the most recent standards available and with the help of innovative operative techniques. Our surgeons are designated experts with regard to their treatment sections.

    Clinic<br>Dr. Schneiderhan & Colleagues

    Dr. Schneiderhan & Colleagues

    Contact us:
    +49 (0) 89/ 614510-0
    Fax: +49 (0)89/ 614510-12

    [email protected]

    Only the ones who become specialized can be experts. We have gained experience in the areas of orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgey for more than 20 years and we have an admission regarding treatments after accidents at school or at the workplace, taking care of our patients. When treating spinal problems, we usually do it with the help of minimally invasive methods. Therefore, we have further developed therapies like epidural catheters in order to fit our patients’ individual needs. Being experienced after a lot of minimally invasive operations, we are among the leading institutions in Europe.

    Dr. Schneiderhan & Colleagues