Treatment of Pain in Spine & Back in Munich

Our multidisciplinary team spends a significant amount of time treating patients with chronic back pain. With our individual therapy concepts developed in a multidisciplinary manner, we often achieve good results even in seemingly hopeless cases. We carefully analyse and diagnose the individual causes of pain and, whenever possible, initially treat with conservative treatment methods. Only after these options have been exhausted do we rely on minimally-invasive therapy procedures for the back and spine. Only after all other methods have not been sufficiently successful do we recommend an operation.

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Thanks to our multidisciplinary pain analysis, diagnosis and therapy, we can find also the best possible therapy for complex cases. Our team consisting of orthopaedists, neurologists, anaesthesiologists, medical specialists for physiotherapy, as well as neurosurgeons has only one aim: To alleviate your pain! Therefore, we further develop our methods and therapy procedures within our multidisciplinary practice community, train interested pain therapists, and network with colleagues, in order to advance spine pain medicine and thus also help our patients along in the future as good as possible.

For you, this means innovative and gentle treatment methods. It also means an experienced expert team that avoids surgery for as long as possible and that is a pioneer in many minimally-invasive treatments throughout Europe. Our first priority is the health of your back!

How do you prevent back pain?How do you prevent back pain?

Movement is the most important requirement for a healthy functioning spine without back pain. The circulation is stimulated through physical activity, allowing more warm blood to flow through the back muscles.

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Neck pain: What to do next?Patient mit Nackenschmerzen

You can usually prevent neck pain and neck tension with targeted exercises, practices and behaviour. If other problems occur while you are experiencing neck pain, such as dizziness or headaches, you should consult a specialist.

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Patientin bei einer Injektion in den NackenWhat is lumbago?

If back pain occurs suddenly and very strongly in the area of the lumbar spine, it is usually acute lower back pain, also called lumbago. A lumbago is triggered by as little as an abrupt movement or lifting a heavy load. When this happens, pain shoots into the lower back.

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Medizinische Grafik Hervorgetretene BandscheibeSlipped disc: Treatment

A slipped disc is predominantly treated with pain therapy. Pain and anti-inflammatory medications should be taken regularly by patients. This prevents an incorrect protective and relieving posture.

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Back pain due to disc wearMedizinische Grafik Bandscheibenverschleiss

Natural ageing leads to a continuously decreasing water content of the intervertebral discs over time. As a result, the cartilage changes; this is known as chondrosis or disc wear.

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Treating vertebral joint osteoarthritisPhysiotherapie am Patienten

Pain- and physical therapy are the main focus of the treatment of vertebral osteoarthritis. Severe pain is treated with painkiller injections. Through physiotherapy, you can learn to relax your back.

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What is a spinal stenosis?Medizinische Grafik:

A spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal. Subsequently, the stenosis exerts pressure on the spinal cord, nerves, and blood vessels. Natural ageing processes are the most common cause of spinal canal stenoses.

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Osteoporotic vertebral body fracturesMedizinische Grafik: (Osteoporotische) Wirbelkörperfraktur

Most older people that suffer from osteoporosis also suffer from vertebral fractures. Over the course of time, our bones become porous and unstable. As a result, the vertebrae can break without any great exertion of force.

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Spondylolisthesis: Is surgery required?Behandlungsbeispiel: Operation am Rücken

If the problems due to spondylolisthesis do not subside despite conservative treatment, surgery for spondylolisthesis may be necessary. The operational method depends on the extent of patients’ individual symptoms.

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Wiltrud Rakel, OP spinal canal stenosis, 2018.

"A competent and very confident statement at diagnosis, "golden hands" at surgery WS canal stenosis. Thank you Dr. Hadi for a new pain free life.

Your Wiltrud Rakel"